Shazam / Beatport – $300 Million A Year In iTunes, Amazon MP3 Sales

Published On March 5, 2013 | Featured, Latest News

D.J.’s in nightclubs sometimes brag that the songs they play are obscure enough to be “un-Shazam-able.” That distinction will soon be harder to attain, however, as Shazam, the popular name-that-song app for smartphones, expands its database through a deal with Beatport, the leading online dance-music store.

Shazam says is has 275 million users, which has become one of the world’s most popular apps by “tagging” 10 million songs, shows and ads a day. They’re also buying what they’ve tagged.  Clicking through to digital stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3, Shazam users are buying $300 million worth a year. The vast majority is music, says the company. TV, films and apps are a small but growing percentage.

Dance music is one of its most popular genres, making up 31 of its 100 most tagged songs last year, Will Mills, Shazam’s director of music and content, said in an interview. Even though Shazam has a catalog of more than 25 million songs, it is not enough — particularly in the fast-moving dance genre, in which songs uploaded from a producer’s laptop can become instant underground hits. That is where Beatport comes in. Founded in 2004, Beatport has become the de facto central store for dance downloads, often getting them long before other retailers. The company says it releases as many as 20,000 new tracks each week, about a third of them not available elsewhere. Shazam says the deal will add about 1.5 million songs from Beatport to its database, which when tagged can send users back to Beatport to buy the tracks; users can also watch a YouTube video, for example, or share it on facebook. Shazam also has a few tricks that can help in a dance club — for example, it can identify a song even if it has been sped up or slowed down, as D.J.’s often do, or if other sounds interfere, like shouting patrons or the occasional bullhorn.

“There is always going to be an element of D.J.’s putting on effects and layer sounds,” Mr. Mills (Shazam’s director) said. “We’ve got that bit sorted.”

With SFX purchasing Beatport last week for an estimated $50 Million it looks to be a fantastic deal and will definitely increase drive and business for EDM.
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