House Music Banner Advertising

We are now offering a range of banner advertising for our website. When browsing the site you will see some “Grey” boxes where you can purchase advertising. Our advertising comes in 3 different types. 30 Days, 60 Days and 365 Days all at very competitive rates.

Part of our advertising also includes exposure on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Purchasing Banner Advertising:

Our website has the ability for you as a customer to purchase banner advertising online. Please visit our Advertising Dashboard for Prices and Advert Types

If you have more specific advertising requirements, please get in contact with us via our Online Contact form.

Website Statistics:

Daily Visitors: 5000 (Increasing Daily)

Monthly Page Views: 600,000

Monthly Hits: 1.8 Million

Facebook Fan Page: 5000 Fan’s

Please get in contact with us via our Online Contact form if you require more information about our website statistics.


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