Laidback Luke: ‘Justin Timberlake Remix Would Be Dream Come True’

Published On March 7, 2013 | Latest News

Mega DJ Laidback Luke has revealed it would be a “dream come true” to officially remix a Justin Timberlake track.
The Dutch producer who’s remixed and bootlegged every artist under the sun exclusively told about tinkering with this Sunday’s potential chart-topping artist: “I would still love to do an official remix for Justin Timberlake… that would definitely be a dream come true.” 

Currently in the UK to host his sell-out Super You&Me event – where fancy dress superhero costume is mandatory – at Electric Brixton tonight (1st March) and tomorrow, Luke revealed the inspiration behind the superhero theme: “A couple of years ago, the scene in Amsterdam got way too serious for my taste. 
“Kids were just trying to look cool, act look and I found that whenever I went out I had the most fun having like silly and stupid games with my friends and I wanted to have that back in my scene.
He added: “The music I play is very epic and I want to create a feeling like you can take on the whole world and I want to create this feeling with the crowd and so these two things combine really well if you add a superhero theme to it.”
Luke also returns to Creamfields this August with his Super You&Me arena, which last year unfortunately didn’t get to see the light of day due to the final day’s cancellation.
“I’m very much looking forward to it,” Luke said. “To us it’s a second chance. 
“I mean 2011 was amazing. I actually was scared of the size of the tent we hosted because it was over a 10,000 capacity tent and it was packed all day which was brilliant. So 2012 had great expectations but you know, it rained off, but I’m very happy to be back.”

Laidback Luke’s ‘Pogo’ Ft. Majestic is out now on Beatport – click here!


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