Grant Richards – Tribute To House FM

Published On January 25, 2012 | Funky House, Grant Richards, Soulful House

You know one of the beautiful things about music? The memories it can evoke. You hear a tune and you think about a time and place and the people your with, having fun. Well I heard a few old tracks the other day that really made me think of the days I spent on House FM. They were some great years for me personally and I made a lot of pals, both on, and off the station. After hearing the old tracks I thought ‘Why not knock up a new podcast, but with a lot of my fav tunes from the House FM days?’, so here it is. It’s not strictly old music though, pay close enough attention and you’ll hear a few newies including my own ‘Let’s Press Go’ remix of the classic ‘Back Together’ by Hardsoul. If you were along for the ride back then, this is for you especially……..and if you weren’t and have a Soulful House persuasion, feel free to get on-board now. Better late than never. Enjoy.

1.Vivienne Greene – Emotional Rollercoaster (Osunlade Mix)
2.Mike Delgado – Phunk Carnival
3.Kurt Elling – One Day (Backroom Bandits Mix)
4.Soul Central feat. Chris Hall – My Vow
5.Blaze – Found Love (Kiki Navarro Mix)
6.Raul Midon – Sunshine (Audiowhores Mix)
7.Louie Vega pres. The Latin Project – Lei Lo Lai (Brian Tapperts Unreleased Edit)
8.Blaze feat. Barbara Tucker – Wonderful Place (Bobby & Steve & James Ratcliff Mix)
9.Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll – Back Together (Let’s Press Go Mix)
10.Mekkah – Race For Survival (Sean McCabe Mix)
11.Foremost Poets – Beside Myself (DJ Spen Mix)
12.Jill Scott – He Loves Me (Jay J Mix)
13.Lalah Hathaway – My Everything (Hippy Torales & David Benus Mix)
14.Reel People – Butterflies (Restless Soul Mix)
15.Shuya Okino feat. Navasha Daya – Still In Love (DJ Spen Mix)
16.DJ Gomi feat. Yasmeen – Glad I Found You (Scott Wozniak Mix)

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