Grant Richards – Mysterious Vibes X

Published On November 4, 2011 | Funky House, Grant Richards, Soulful House

For my tenth instalment of my favourite and longest running mix series, I considered doing a Best Of… type mix, but went against it as there was just too many good, new, random tunes that I wanted to piece together. So what I’ve done is grab a few of my preferred moments from previous Mysterious Vibes mixes and chucked them in the blender with a current crop of amazing music that wouldn’t normally get spun by me in a ‘normal’ DJ set. I realise these mixes may get the straight up ‘house heads’ scratching their, er, house head, but stick with it and you should enjoy the ride? And yes, you’re eyes are NOT deceiving you, I have put a track by Another Level on there!!!

1. Wookie – Battle
2. Brenmar – Want Me
3. Switch featuring Andrea Martin – I Still Love You
4. Jamie Woon – Shoulda (Ladyfunk Edit)
5. Ben Westbeech – Something For The Weekend (Breach Mix)
6. Joe Goddard – Gabriel
7. Raze – Break 4 Love (Soul Clap Mix)
8. Solomun – Love Recycled
9. The Knife – Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Mix)
10. Yasmin – Touch Me (Jamie xx Mix)
11. Myomi – Sun In My Eyes (Hybrid Theory Mix)
12. Creep – Days (Deadboy Mix)
13. Pallers – Come Rain, Come Shine (Youandewan Mix)
14. Kito & Raija Lee – This City (Asa & Koan Sound Mix)
15. Omar & Zed Bias – Dancin’
16. Another Level – Guess I Was A Fool (MJ Cole Mix)
17. Coldcut & Robert Owens – Walk A Mile (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
18. Polarsets – Sunshine Eyes (Channel Swimmer Mix)

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